Making its very first appearance at the 2016 Monterey Car Week, the Mercedes-Maybach 6 is a look into the future of what may be possible when the three-pointed star gets a bit creative. Inspired by aero coupes of the 1930s and 1940s, the Maybach Vision 6 is a gilded age throwback.

Its footprint is massive and I am confident that the only word capable of accurately describing the big body two door coupe is decadent. Equipped with Gullwing doors, a toothy smile and a long LED tube around its ass end, it’s not for the faint of heart.

How could you possibly dress it up even more? Well, if you were wondering that you won’t have to any more. That’s because X-Tomi Design put together a render of what a topless Maybach Vision 6 would look like.

In green.

I guess that’s an artistic representation of how much it would theoretically cost.

The only significant change from the car displayed at Pebble is the addition of coach doors, colloquially known as “suicide doors.”

Any thoughts, Spies?

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