It’s a damn shame when any vehicle gets into an accident and is totaled. Not only is yet another car hauled off to the scrap yard, but also the individuals involved may be changed forever.

Even if they’re not hurt, a car accident can be a bit damaging. Just ask anyone who’s been in one if you don’t know from experience.

So, you can only imagine that the feeling is that much more amplified when it involves a Ferrari that appears to be a complete loss.

Involved in an accident at Monterey Car Week, the Daily Driven Exotics’ Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 “GTR” was put through the ringer. Essentially the entire front end has been crushed, obliterated and rendered unrecognizable.

While I may not be a fan of these modifications, or the bros that drive them, I am happy to write that no one was significantly injured in this happening.

To see what little remains of the Ferrari, scope out the clip below. It’s a bummer but as the videographer states, “It’s just a car.”

Unfortunate accident leaves the Daily driven exotics Ferrari 458 GTR with its front bumped detached. But the good news is everyone was ok and no major injuries.

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