I never thought I'd read that, but this is the case. According to Allstate insurance, New York is the only big city that makes the company's list of the Top 10 safest cities for driving.

Weird, isn't it?

Well, Allstate has been analyzing the data it captures via the company's telematics program — opt-in participants only — and the results are interesting. The insurer started looking at the average time between a driver's auto accident claims and how often they slam on their respective brakes.

And voila(!) that's how we have the list.

The top prize goes to Madison, Wisconsin and is followed by:

2. Brownsville, TX.;
3. Boise, ID.;
4. New York, NY.; and,
5. Milwaukee, WI.

The state capital and college town [[Edit: Madison, Wisconsin]] tops a list of the ten safest cities for driving from Allstate insurance. The rankings are based on data such as the average time between auto accident claims to how often drivers need to slam on their brakes while driving...

...New York is actually the only big city to make the list. The second safest city is Brownsville, Texas, followed by Boise, Idaho. Milwaukee is No. 5, behind New York, with Wichita, Hialeah, Florida, McAllen, Texas, Olathe, Kansas and Lincoln, Nebraska...

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Did YOU Know? New York Actually Is One Of The Safest Cities For Driving...Seriously

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