If you're in the market for an all-new hot hatch, it would be pretty hard NOT to consider the all-new Ford Focus RS. Being that it's one of the hot picks for 2016, it's in a hard-to-find commodity. 

While there's a slew of other vehicles similarly priced, one has to wonder if they're really worth it. 

THINK: Is the Volkswagen Golf R, Subaru WRX STI and Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution all worth the price of entry? Well, it ultimately depends the buyer and what they value most. 

Having said that, Doug DeMuro hopped behind the wheel and provides all car enthusiasts with the low down. 

Is it really worth spending $40,000 on a Ford Focus?! I drove the Ford Focus RS to find out.

DRIVEN + VIDEO: Is The Ford Focus RS Really Worth $40,000?

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