If you're the owner of a a 2015-2017 Nissan Murano or 2016-2017 Nissan Maxima, you better sit down. Oh, you're already sitting? Well, in that case, just read this and heed to the advice provided.

Late last week information about an all-new Nissan recall hit the street.

Late model Murano sport-utility vehicles and all-new Maximas are experiencing significant issues. In fact, they're catching fire. That's never good, is it?

According to Nissan over 134,000 vehicles are affected by faulty brake pumps. Unfortunately, the seals are leaking brake fluid onto a circuit board and when this happens, voila(!), you have an electrical short and a potential fire risk. Unless you want to lose your car AND house, owners are being wisely advised not to park their vehicle indoors or near any structures. In addition, owners are being told to keep their eyes peeled to see if their Nissan vehicle has an ABS warning light pop up for more than 10 seconds post start up. If you do, you're a candidate for a hairy situation.

If you are in possession of one of the aforementioned Nissans, get in touch with your dealer pronto to get this addressed.

...Nissan says in documents posted Friday by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that seals on antilock brake pumps can leak fluid onto a circuit board. That can cause an electrical short, which could lead to a fire. If fluid leaks, the antilock brake warning light could stay on for more than 10 seconds after the vehicles are started. Owners who see that warning should park outside and away from structures and not drive their vehicles until they are repaired...

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RECALL ALERT: Own An All-New Nissan Maxima Or Nissan Murano? Park It OUTSIDE..

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