Just last night I posted video of the Volkswagen Golf R and the Ford Focus RS going head-to-head in a showdown. While you'll have to check that out for yourself to see the results, there are all-new spy shots of the refreshed Volkswagen Golf R.

While the existing car hasn't been on the market too too long, with the likes of pressure from competitors like the Focus RS and WRX STI, it's no wonder that VW is going to keep it fresh.

As of now we have no clue if this means that there will be any performance updates, but it's clear that the exterior will get some modest revisions. That includes the front clip, headlights and front grille.

The test car was in estate form, so, as of now there's no more readily apparent changes but we'll be sure to keep you up to date.

...The car’s exterior will receive a few small tweaks, as demonstrated by the spotted test car, which had covers over a new front bumper, air intakes and front grille.

While the test car is an estate, the same changes can be expected for the facelifted hatchback version.

A lack of any more camouflage confirms no other changes have been made to the body, but the facelifted car can be seen benchmark testing against a current production R, suggesting its adjustments could be more than just skin deep...

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SPIED: The Refreshed Volkswagen's Golf R Is SPOTTED For The FIRST Time On Local Roads

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