What do you know? A BMW is painted a Porsche color. Given that most BMW M customers desire a Porsche but settle for something a bit more practical, this isn't actually a huge surprise.

As the folklore goes around AutoSpies, our very own Agent 001 loved Speed Yellow so much he almost named the publication that instead of AutoSpies. It wasn't much of a myth though. Up until recently if you visited "" guess where it would redirect.

Speed Yellow BMW M3


What makes this color so special is that it's actually a proper yellow. Unlike Dakar Yellow or, say, Austin or Phoenix Yellow, Speed Yellow is a bold and in-your-face choice.

While we've seen previous gen BMW M3s spec'd with this specific shade, this is the first car we're seeing in the current-gen lineup. This particular vehicle was delivered to BMW's Abu Dhabi location and optioned with the Competition Package. That includes the blacked out trim bits, the larger wheel/tire combination, stiffer and adjustable suspension, and slight bump in power. Surprisingly, this M3 remains stock though we wouldn't be too shocked if that changes rather quickly.

Let us know what you think of this BMW Individual specification after you scope out the images below.

Speed Yellow BMW M3

A VERY Special, SPEEDY BMW M3 Gets Built For A Discerning Customer In The Middle East

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