When it comes to custom built automobiles, there's gems and then there are complete messes. We think we may have come across a diamond in the rough.

That's because some maniac has taken an E30 BMW Estate and transformed it into an M3.

Oh, there's just one more thing. It features an inline six-cylinder engine from the E46 M3. It's known as the S54 motor. This mill is mated to a six-speed manual transmission.

Below you'll find the full description. Make sure to give it a thorough read. Its brakes are from the M Roadster, seating from the E46 M3, E30 body work and an E30 M3's suspension. It's truly a frankencar.

That said, we're a bit curious what you think: Is this M3 AWESOME or AWFUL?

The Craigslist ad says $65,000 takes her home.

** is NOT affiliated with the seller in any way. Caveat emptor, Spies!

Selling the Terry Sayther Vintage BMW Collection!

This is a very famous car that we have driven and modified over the last 20 or more years. Many people have seen it, driven it, lusted for it! We have driven it to Newfoundland and New England, California, Colorado, and more. It's definitely a part of our family history--our kids grew up riding in it!

You read that right--an E30M3Touring with a 313hp S54 and 6-speed!

You don't find that combo every day! This car started life as a Swiss E30 Touring and has evolved into a monster. It has steel E30M3 fenders and rear quarters, a complete E30M3 suspension, except for the rear subframe and brakes , which are from a 2002MY M Roadster Z3. Front brakes are also larger. Seats are from an E46M3, engine and 6-speed trans are from a 2003 M3, instrument cluster is E30M3, wheels and tires are as big as they can be.

I always wanted a car that could spin the tires at will and this is pretty close to that car. It is really fun to drive on dry roads, anything else? Beware.

This thrilling ride could be yours for $65k or near offer

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