There have been many rumors in the past few years about the Ranger returning to the US market. However, only after GM outsold Ford in the truck department, they decided to take action. The upcoming 2019 Ford Ranger has not been confirmed to hit the US market most likely at the end of 2018. The truck will be based on the European model, and it should bear a lot of similarities to it. Despite that, it will very likely look quite a bit different, and its interior should be extensively reworked. So far Ford hasn’t said much else about it but thanks to the fact they finally confirmed it, people do have the chance to actually take a closer look at the future truck.

Was it really necessary?

So far Ford said that the main reason why the Ranger is not available in the US was its size. They said that the truck was just too close to the F-150 to become successful. However, after GM proved with the Colorado and Canyon that larger than usual small trucks could be successful, Ford has no real reason not to release the Ranger. Even though not official, it seems that the new truck will be based on the European model which is already half a decade old. Its chassis should be reworked in order to offer more torsional rigidity while being slightly lighter.

The size, on the other hand, will remain roughly the same meaning that a double-cab Ranger will be noticeable longer than a regular single-cab F-150. Its price has been rumored to start at under $25,000 which is right where the competition is.


As we mentioned above, the design of the upcoming 2019 Ford Ranger should change by quite a bit. Even though the truck received a small update recently, the US market will get a rather different model. This is expected to become a sportier truck, similar to what the Colorado is to the Silverado. Expect it to get a reworked front end, a slightly raked bed in order to give it some aggressive features as well as wider wheel arches. Some even suggested that the Ranger would be the perfect candidate for a Raptor-like small truck that would directly compete with GM’s upcoming ZR2 Colorado.

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2019 Ford Ranger - Confirmed! It's returning in 2019 | News and Specs

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