When it was released a few years back, the Raptor was the only truck of its kind. There have been a few tuning companies out there that offered heavily modified versions of GM and RAM trucks, but none of them was a factory model. Later down the road, RAM released the Rebel, a highly stylized version of the 1500. Unfortunately, this lacked the off-road prowess or the power of the Raptor. Well, it seems that this is about to change because a few weeks ago they released the 2017 Ram Rebel TRX Concept. Even though nothing is official at this point, the truck seems to be the perfect competitor for the Raptor. It looks to have the same type of market in its sights, and it even looks on par with the best out there.

Will it ever be made?

The interesting part is that even though it is a concept, RAM didn’t dismiss the rumors about it being made. This gives us hope that another large truck manufacturer will offer a niche high-performance truck on the US market. There is still nothing official at this point, but there is some good news. The Rebel TRX is using a lot of off-the-shelf parts which would allow RAM to build it without investing too much in tooling or research and development.

On top of that, it doesn’t look all that different, at least for an untrained eye, than the regular Rebel. In order to be competitive with the Raptor, the Rebel TRX would have to cost around $50,000. Unfortunately, though, the regular Rebel starts at nearly $45,000 which means it will more than likely go north of $60,000 or even more.

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2017 Ram Rebel TRX Concept

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