This isn't something that happens every day.

According to a Jeep Wrangler forum member and owner of a current-gen Wrangler, there was a bit of a mix up between him and a Michigan-based scrap yard. That's because they shipped him the wrong part.

Honestly, that's not too unusual; however, this is a unique case. That's because the scrap yard may have just passed along a hood that's spec'd out for the all-new, 2018 Jeep Wrangler. Although it was painted and featured decals, it was too big for the poster's current-gen Wrangler.

Here's where things get interesting. There are no VIN stickers and no MOPAR stamped part numbers on the hood in question. In addition, the scrap yard the part came from is near Chelsea Proving Grounds where developmental testing happens. The icing on the cake is the yard actually asked to have the part back and said it is going back to FCA.

The latest spy shots seem to indicate a larger next-gen Wrangler with a modified hood from the current-gen product. We're not sure what FCA has in mind but as the forum user points out, Jeep has been playing with the hood/cowl area.

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Original post (Oct. 1):

Well I purchased what I thought was a 2014 hard rock/10a hood from and known good recycler in the Detroit area. The guy there was very helpful with sending pics before the sale so I could see what I was getting and getting it freight shipped to me in 3 days. Got the hood unpacked and went to install today only to find out the hood I bought is almost 2 inches longer than my stock hood.

There are no VIN stickers or Mopar stamped part numbers on this hood (which is not the norm for Jeep/Mopar). The place I purchased from is near Chelsea proving grounds and the guy there thinks there "might have been a mix up". If you've read any info at all on the new JL you'll see that they are messing around with the cowl/windshield/A pillar area so.......

This hood came as you see it, painted, stickered and outfitted, out of Detroit from a recycler and that recycler told me there location is close to the Chelsea proving grounds and they receive vehicles to part out from FCA.

Latest update (Oct. 10):

The recycling yard asked to have it back. I wanted to save it but unfortunately I'm not made of money and have an expensive wall art that would only serve as a conversation piece. I was told it's going back to FCA.

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SPIED: One Helluva Scrap — Mix Up Sends What May Have Been 2018 Jeep Wrangler Hood To Current-Gen Owner

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