It’s confirmed! Here’s the future 2017 Honda WRV. Not all that long ago Honda released the HR-V for the Indian and Brazilian markets. However, they soon realized that the competition is a lot stronger than they thought and cars like the Renault Duster sells a lot better. In order to compete with these, some time ago rumors about a Fit Twist started to surface. This was going to be a cheap crossover directly intended to compete with the lower end market. However, they soon dismissed those rumors, but it seems there was some truth in them.

While the Fit Twist will not hit the market anytime soon, they will release a new car. Not that long ago the upcoming 2017 Honda WRV was confirmed. Even though the name doesn’t say much, the car will be using the same platform as the Fit with some modifications.
The car will be launched at the Sao Paulo Auto Show next month, and it is also expected to be released in India in 2017. So far not much else is officially known about it, but some interesting inside information surfaced. For starters, even though it will use the same platform as the Fit, the WRV will have a 50mm longer wheelbase which is quite substantial for its class.

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2017 HONDA WRV – CONFIRMED! One more edition by Honda will be presented at Sao Paolo Auto Show.

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