Back in the late ‘60s, Ferrari decided to release an entirely new brand for their non-V12 engined cars with the “Dino.” This was only on the market for around eight years mostly because cars were not selling as good as they hoped due to the missing Ferrari badge.

Well, while the first try was not that successful, it seems that they might release the name once again with the future 2018 Ferrari Dino, a car which hasn’t been officially confirmed but a few Ferrari officials said that they are going to release an entirely new vehicle with a V6 engine and the only other V6 engined Ferrari was the original Dino.

What is significant about this car?

There are a ton of rumors floating around on the Internet at this point ranging from a convertible with a front engine all the way up to a mid-engined car and at this point we don’t know for sure which one is true.

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2018 Ferrari Dino - First pictures and Information about Dino. This car will be launch in early 2018!

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