It was just a normal Sunday afternoon. I was on my way back from meeting with some family friends over lunch and I had phoned my love to see if our little girl needed anything at the store. Kid's gotta eat lunch tomorrow!

She did, so, I made sure to stop by the store on the way home. As I was pulling out of the shopping center I looked across the street at Phil's Service.

Usually there's a collection of European luxury automobiles — mostly Mercedes-Benz vehicles — but this time was different. That's because I saw something I never thought I'd run across in northern New Jersey.

A vintage Nissan Skyline GT. Just like the two I saw at the 2016 SEMA Show!

That said, is anyone else geeking out over this as much as I am?

SPIED On The Street! A Vintage Nissan Skyline Spotted In The Most UNLIKELY Of Places

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