The ongoing Pilot debuted back at the start of 2015 at the Chicago Auto Show, and since then it managed to impose itself as a dependable and well built seven-seat crossover. This is mostly thanks to its close relation with the Acura MDX which shares most of its underpinnings with it. In order to keep the car fresh, a few weeks back Honda did a close-door release for the Pilot.

The new 2017 Honda Pilot is mostly a carry over from the 2016 model year, but that is not exactly a bad thing. This was also expected considering how new the car really is. Honda managed to get a good portion of the market for itself thanks to its US-built Pilot which employs more US made parts than some trucks from the big three manufacturers.

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 2017 Honda Pilot - First spy photos! The biggest news is an all-new Android/Apple CarAuto!

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