...This isn’t an initiative designed to take Ferrari from red to green. Rather, it’s the only way it can boost sales without running afoul of the law. There’s cash to be made, and Sergio’s on the case.

Ferrari is ever-so-gradually inching its way towards becoming a higher-volume car manufacturer. Last year, the company broke its own record when it delivered a total of 7,664 Italian stallions to eager rich people, a 6 percent climb over 2014. This year, Ferrari wants to break that record and ship 8,000 cars.

However, it cannot surpass the 10,000 mark because fuel economy and emissions requirements cap the company at that many vehicles per year. Marchionne explained to Reuters that the solution to this problem would be to make every Ferrari sold, from 2019 onwards, a hybrid of some sort...

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AWESOME or AWFUL? Ferrari On Track To INCREASE Sales Volume And GASP(!) Go All Hybrid By 2020

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