Some automakers simply get it and others simply keep searching aimlessly.  One of the brands that “gets it”, is Mazda. From the MX-5 sports car to the ever growing range of crossovers, they not only compete, but do so with well thought out designs that appeal those wanting something a bit different.

You need to look no further that the redesigned CX-5 Crossover.  Not wanting to leave well enough alone, Mazda has revamped this crossover from the top to bottom and is expanding the power train options with a plugin hybrid and even a diesel option for those disenfranchised Volkswagen diehards. 
We think this one is a guaranteed money shot.

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#LAAUTOSHOW : REAL LIFE SHOTS Of Mazda's CX-5 - Hybrid And Diesel Options Make This The Swiss Army Knife Of Crossovers

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