Happy Thanksgiving, Spies! We're SO thankful to have you visiting our site. Without you guys and girls we wouldn't have a readership and we're glad that we have so many dedicated fans.

Thank you.

That said, 2016 has been an interesting one for me. Although I can't go into detail, I was involved in a mass transit accident and since then I have not been using that mode of transportation. My little Volkswagen Golf has come through in a big way. I now use it daily for my commute to and from the Big Apple when I do not have a press vehicle. I am very thankful to have it in my garage. Aside from a couple bent wheels and a software reflash over the past five years, it's been a great ride.

So, I pose a question to you, my friends: What vehicles are YOU most thankful for in 2016?

Happy Thanksgiving! What Vehicles Are You MOST Thankful For In 2016?

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