Even if you're not a fan of Formula 1 racing, this clip deserves a watch. That's because it showcases something I think anyone can appreciate. Engineering.

While it's clear as day to see how production vehicles have evolved over time, racing is a bit of a different animal. Yes, there's unbelievable aerodynamic tricks being applied and yes there's a remarkable amount of safety tech in F1.

The the evolution of some parts are just fascinating.

When you have the chance to stand next to a vintage F1 car and compare it to present day it's just jaw dropping. A vintage F1 car may have a thin leather seat taped to the floorboard and the steering wheel is made of wood. A modern F1 car, however, is a carbon fiber creation with LEDs and a slew of switches.

To get just a taste of what I'm talking about, scope out the clip below that highlights the evolution of F1 steering wheels.

As vehicles evolve, so does their controller.

VIDEO: See Just How Technology Has Impacted F1 Racing, From Stirling Moss To Sebastian Vettel

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