...The P14, as it is known internally by McLaren, will eventually replace the 650S. No arrival date has been set, but it is expected to arrive next year.

Insurance database information for this latest development car suggests the production model will retain a 3.8-litre V8 engine like that its predecessor. At 2min 55sec into the video the car's distinctive exhaust note can be heard.

This latest sighting, near Chichester, follows an earlier sighting made by our spy photographer in southern Europe and another by Dutch website 
Auto Wereld...

Super rare and exclusive footage of a McLaren P14 driving on UK Roads. This is supposedly the replacement to the 650S not due until 2018 and I drove up behind it this week. I managed to get some video and stills of the heavily camouflaged development car and just had to share it with you guys !


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SPIED + VIDEO: The McLaren P14 Gets EXPOSED In The BEST Pictures And VIDEO — All-New!

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