...Talking about orders – the 2.4 million euro hypercar from Bugatti received 220 confirmed orders so far. Enough reason for Bugatti to increase production capacity to 65 cars for 2017 which means there is a 3 year wait for new orders at the moment. With potential customer test drives scheduled from March 2017 the CEO has good hopes the remaining Chirons will sell quickly. “I’m confident the customers who have not yet decided to order a Chiron will do so when they have had a chance to drive it..."

...Initially Bugatti aimed to produce the limited production run of 500 Chirons over the course of eight years but this might be reviewed and accelerated if all cars sell out.

An interesting fact about the initial delivery order; existing Bugatti owners and especially those that own multiple vehicles will receive their Chirons sooner than those new to the brand. Bugatti rewards brand loyalty and at the same time gives the trade of Veyron’s a boost...

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Bugatti Moves More Than 200 Chirons, Still Nearly 300 LEFT To Sell — How Long Will It Take?

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