If you're into fashion or anything high style, you probably know that much like many other things in life, trending colors are cyclical. There is a reason why Pantone selects its color for the year.

When it comes to automobiles, we've spoken to leading designers to better understand this phenomena as well. While it may not be a yearly change, there are phases where certain colors and tones dominate for a bit of time and then the designers who dictate this tend to move on.

That said, we're a wee bit curious: What color are you absolutely HATING right now on vehicles?

From what I've been seeing from the latest and greatest debuts as well as product launches there's two competing interests: 1) Bright colors, and 2) military-inspired paints.

That includes flat grays, flat sand-like colors and army green. In fact, at my daily parking garage in New York City I have spotted a matte Army Green Cadillac Escalade and a matching Mercedes-Benz S-Class. I guess someone's feeling like they're going to battle?

So, what color are you just not feeling at the moment?

The GREAT Debate: What COLOR Are You Absolutely HATING Right Now On Automobiles?

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