If you're like me and living in a snow belt, then there's almost no question that you should make the investment into winter tires. And, if your vehicle typically is equipped with a set of high-performance "summer" tires then you definitely need to swap out to a set of all seasons, at a minimum.

But if you've been having a hard time making the move, either due to principle or cost, hear us out. Well, hear our friends out at CNN who just had a piece written about the subject matter.

In the New York Tri-State region we've just received one snowfall so far. But, I am going to be swapping my tires out in the next week to get ready for the white stuff. What about you, boys and girls? Do you have a set of winter tires and, if so, have you swapped them out yet?

You may have heard it said -- in fact, you may have said it yourself -- "I don't need to buy winter tires because I have all-wheel-drive."

Actually, no. If you don't need winter tires, it's because you live in Florida, not because you have all-wheel-drive. In fact, if you have all-wheel-drive, it could be argued that you need winter tires in the snow even more...

..."The first time you drive a car with winter tires and you have to stop, and you do, you'll never let a loved one drive without them again," said K.C. Colwell, senior technical editor for Car & Driver magazine...

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It's THAT Time Of The Year, Again — Here's Why YOU Should BUY A Set Of Winter Tires...

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