Back in October Rinspeed showcased their Oasis concept which is actually going to be revealed at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show. Unlike their other cars, the 2018 Rinspeed Oasis might actually go into production. The car is nothing like their other concepts. Instead, it is a small city vehicle meant for car-sharing programs and busy city centers. The Oasis is small, efficient and unique which is the important part here. We are going to take a closer look in the next few lines and see what makes it special.

Rinspeed and a production car?

With a few minor exceptions, all of Rinspeed’s creations have been nothing more than concepts. However, the Oasis should get past that limitation and become a mass-produced car. There are some interesting quirks, though. For starters, the technology which the car boasts is not available on a wide scale meaning that a production models might be years away from release.

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2018 RINSPEED OASIS – DEBUT AT 2017 NAIAS | Have you ever seen this car?

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