In the sports car world it is a tough fight to pick what you'd like for around $50-55,000. That's because there's so many options!

This is, of course, a good thing. The biggest problem is whittling your choices down. First world problems.

That said, it's tough for us to think of two better choices than the BMW 1M and the Porsche 911 (997 generation) Carrera S. Although they're both significantly different in how they deliver their value, they are priced in the same ballpark — looking for "clean" examples with minimal mileage.

The BMW has exclusivity and what I believe is the best BMW driving experience as of late. The Porsche is an icon and while it may not be exclusive, it is a 911. It's tough to argue against that, especially in Carrera S trim where I believe it is its finest when it comes to performance and fun.

So, if it were YOUR choice, what would it be? The 1M or the 997 Carrera S?

CAR WARS! Used Sports Car Edition: Would You Rather A BMW 1M OR A Porsche 997 Carrera S?

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