Looking back at some legacy vehicles, it doesn't take much to realize that cars built in the 1970s and 1980s were really...suspect. For a lack of better words, automobiles during this time period were wretched.

I could insert a variety of adjectives to paint a picture of how I really feel but I believe it would be a bit too colorful.

To a casual observer though it's as simple as this. Automotive designs went from being predominantly boxy and hard edged, to softer and more curvaceous. But why though?

There's a slew of reasons as to why this was done; however, I will let our friends at Vox explain through its informational clip here. See below as all will be revealed.

The big shift from boxy cars in the '80s to curvy cars in the '90s, explained.

VIDEO: Automotive Design Explained — How Cars Went From BOXY To CURVY

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