You know, the BMW Z cars have always caught my attention and been of interest. But, there was that one generation during the mid 2000s that was a bit, well, abysmal.

Quality was suspect, the Bangle design was a bit goofy and the interiors were laughable.

Fast forward to the latest gen product and it's actually a very nice ride. Of course it's a bit pricier thanks in part to the upgraded cockpit and folding metal roof, but it appears that there is a changing of the tide on the way. That's because the Z4 will become the Z5 and the Z3 is rumored to be making a return.

Seen in the latest spy pics are images of the next-gen Z5. It is still equipped with heavy cladding on its side profile but it appears that the vehicle is starting to come into form. Note its overall shape, the roofline — and the fabric top itself — and you can make out the rear taillights.

While an "insider" has claimed this vehicle will utilize carbon fiber technology in its construction and take the Z cars in an all-new direction, we'll believe it when we see it officially confirmed. According to this source, BMW and Toyota are pouring a tremendous amount of resources into this project.

Aside from the rumors and speculation, we're curious: Do YOU like what you see of the next-gen BMW Z car?

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Z5 prototype sightings have been scarce in recent months, but a more revealing prototype was just spotted on the German Autobahn. The rear has dropped some camouflage, exposing the tail light design for the first time. Finished exhaust tips can now also be seen, along with a rear diffuser. Compared to earlier prototypes, this one likely sports a larger air vent behind the front wheels as the camouflage covering it now flares out dramatically.

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SPIED: All-New Snaps Of The Next-Gen BMW Z Car — It's Still Early But Are You Liking What You CAN See?

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