The eve before the opening of the Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS) is always a big deal. That's because the lead in is just as important as day one.

I know that may sound ridiculous but I reassure you it's true. That's because many manufacturers forego waiting until a product reveal at the Cobo Center to start hyping it up. More have started releasing information and pictures in the days before the first day of NAIAS.

Detroit Auto Show

Considering the fanfare, it makes sense if you don't want your product to get "buried." This means the afternoon before day one there's a lot to do. Plenty of parties, some press conferences and even some bar hopping.

Mercedes-Benz has gotten into the habit of throwing a major New Years party the day before and uses it as an opportunity to recap 2016 with plenty of global employees and, in addition, it launches a model or two. Rather than discuss it though, we wanted to make it real for you.

And that's why Agent 001 was on the scene snapping like there was no tomorrow.

If you've ever wanted to attend an automaker's event and be in the front row, now's your chance. Check out 001's pics from tonight's party and let us know what you think!

The 2017 Detroit Auto Show photo galleries are sponsored by Lexus.

Detroit Auto Show

#NAIAS: The Agents Go BIGGIE Time To Bring You The Mercedes-Benz Kickoff Event!

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