Nissan decided to pull out all of the stops when it came to reinventing the next generation of sedans and the V Motion Concept 2.0 is proof of it.

Simply put this one is a head turner, something more akin to a premium brand than a mainstream automaker such as Nissan.  If you took the badging away you might actually be thinking a German sedan vs anything of from the Pacific Rim.  The lines are crisp, the use of carbon fiber is tasteful, and the shape is distinctive.  Very European if you ask us, and certainly not like any Nissan before it.

Now the biggest question is would a sedan this nice actually make headway in a market rushing towards crossovers?  Face it, we love sedans but the market isrushing towards bigger rigs that place multipurpose over traditional forms stylish of transport.

Check out this head turner and let us know if you would forego that crossover for one last sedan.

The 2017 Detroit Auto Show photo galleries are sponsored by Lexus.

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#NAIAS: Nissan's V Motion 2.0 Says You Have Style, But Would You Buy It Over A Crossover?

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