In recent years we've been keeping an eye on Nissan's luxury division, Infiniti. While the company made waves when it came onto the scene, and into the 2000s with the much loved G35 and G37, it seemed to flounder into the 2010s.

What happened?

Detroit Auto Show

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I'll tell you what happened. Poor products and even lousier planning. From what we can see though, it appears a renaissance may be on the way. With the Q50, Q60 and QX30, the company appears to be putting the pedal to the metal to right its wrongs.

Next up? That would be the long overdue FX replacement. Shown in concept form as the QX50, I have to say it appears mighty impressive, inside and out. The design is tight and it's bold. Something that should strike a chord with today's buyers who are looking to stand out and command presence.

What do you make of these real-life pics, Spies?

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Detroit Auto Show

#NAIAS: BOLD And BRASH, The All-New Infiniti QX50 Concept Shows Us What's In Store — See The Real-Life Shots Now!

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