While there was plenty of all-new hardware to see at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS), there always are the oldies but goodies. One such car was a drop top BMW 440i that made an appearance.

What made it unique was the collaboration between BMW Individual and M Performance.

Detroit Auto Show

Painted Smokey Topaz and equipped with a full leather interior, it is more spec'd out than any other 4-Series you're likely to run across. Check out the M Performance steering wheel, dash trim, carbon fiber center console and even CF exhaust tip sleeves.

There's a lot to see on this particular car, so, make sure to take your time leafing through Agent 001's snaps. I mean, check out the M Performance side skirts, the blue painted calipers, unique wheels and much more.

Would you consider this 440i a smoke show?

The 2017 Detroit Auto Show photo galleries are sponsored by Lexus.

Detroit Auto Show

#NAIAS: The Smoke Show? BMW Individual + M Performance COLLIDE With This 440i Convertible

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