There's no question that the first-generation Audi R8 will down in the history books. There's a couple reasons for this.

Firstly, it was a remarkable supercar with both V8 and V10 power. It could be daily driven and also a track monster. Secondly, its design was unique and drew all-new attention to the four rings, which needed a revival bady. This halo car was responsible for giving Audi a much-needed bump.

Detroit Auto Show

And then the second-gen R8 came out. The coupe receive a lukewarm reception. Then the convertible made an appearance to a nice round of applause. Still, not as loved as the first-gen car.

But, I must admit, the more I see of it the more I am starting to come around. At the 2017 Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS) it showed up in Bombay Blue — just like the Q8 Concept — and it was optioned with a peanut butter-like interior. Although its exterior paint screams, the interior is just oh-so-right.

That said, I wanted to check in with the tastemakers to get their read on the situation.

Do you dig the Bombay Blue R8 Spyder or is it not your cup of tea? Let us know in the comments below.

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Detroit Auto Show

#NAIAS: So, How Do YOU Like Me NOW? Audi R8 SPYDER Drops It Like Its Hot In Bombay Blue. You Like?

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