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Marchione is praised as the savior of Fiat group and when he laid his 5-year plan in 2014 quite a positive connotations aroused over it. Three years later it is clear that plan is not functioning as it was predicted, but nevertheless, nobody should argue positive trajectory to which current FCA corporation sticks to. That plan also included Ferrari, envisioning eight years of life span for each model and one refresh at the middle of the way.

That should affect Ferrari’s top GT offer, or F12 Berlinetta, which was introduced in 2012, so little bit more than four years has passed, they are still Italians we could expect slight schedule modifications, and camouflaged model was shot during test drives, so we are quite close to welcome revised 2018 Ferrari F12 M. It seems that that “M” addition is there only to allow us to easier recognise this one compared to current model. But is that all?

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