Since its launch, the all-new Audi A4 has been causing a bit of controversy. That's because its exterior design is rather conservative. I use that word lightly.

For many people, they would have a tough time recognizing the last-gen car from the all-new one. That can be problematic for many as looks are a critical component of autos. 

But as I said when I wrote my review of the A4 last year, it is a very impressive product if you don't get too wrapped up in its exterior sheetmetal. While it's not a revolution, it's a very handsome evolution of the four rings' design. 

And then there's the technology. Audi has done a fantastic job of packaging together its vehicles' tech to make them compelling. Take, for example, its TFT instrument panel or the Google Maps in the navigation. One of my favorite touches is the passive safety integrated into the door panel — If a vehicle is approaching from behind the LED lighting turns red warning you NOT to exit. 

See exactly what I am talking about via Kelly Blue Book's review of the Audi A4, below.

A4 fans are going to love it, that's for certain. But if you're looking for a luxury sedan that's great to drive, offers class-leading technology, looks great and is even a bargain in its market segment, you'll be hard-pressed to do better than the latest Audi A4.

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