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Safety is sexy; that phrase was never more true than with the introduction of the Bricklin SV-1. Dreamt up by automotive pioneer Malcolm Bricklin – the same man responsible for bringing Subaru into the U.S. – the SV-1 hit the scene in 1974, and touted its many safety features, including an integrated roll cage, 5 mile-per-hour (8 kilometer-per-hour) bumpers, and side beams.

Unfortunately, all that safe thinking didn’t translate into sales. The added equipment made the car too heavy to compete, and production ended in 1975 after just two years. Less than 420 original cars are known to still exist. Of those remaining examples, this one could be the most pristine. With just 1,800 original miles (2,896 kilometers) on the odometer, it's up for sale on eBay and has a asking price of $42,900.

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This is the cleanest Bricklin SV-1 you can buy

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