One of those storied machines that gets a lot of love in the automotive industry is the BMW M5. After all, it is long considered one of the high-performance sedans that helped push the boundaries of what was expected for cars with four doors. 

Hence the term "sport sedan." 

While the M5 has increased in size and gained quite a bit of weight over the years, it still doesn't take away from the M5's rightful place at the top of the food chain. It's just that the competition has gotten much, much stronger. 

So, we're hoping BMW delivers BIG things with the all-new M5.

As of now some CAD images were leaked online. Using those three-dimensional renderings, the world famous Wild Speed decided to take them to the next level. Now we have the best look yet at what will be the next-gen BMW M5. 

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We present you with our take on how the the upcoming F90 M5 will look, based on the recently leaked CAD images, and giving you a first look at what the production rear styling could look like.

The F90 M5's styling represents a sporty upgrade from the F10 M5 and incorporates many of the newest M styling elements seen on the latest M cars such as the M2, X5M/X6M...

...Updated with carbon fiber roof and M mirrors!

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RENDERED SPECULATION: If You Want The BEST Peek Into The Next-Gen BMW M5, Look NO Further...

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