As a self-professed fan of McLaren's street cars, I have to admit that I am not entirely well versed in the namesake's story. It's a bit embarrassing, I must admit.

What can I say though, I've got to focus on putting bread on the table.

The good news for me, and other uninformed ladies and gents, is that an all-new movie is coming to the big screen and, you guessed it, will tell the story of Bruce McLaren. Looking more in line with a documentary a la Senna rather than a Hollywood drama, the McLaren movie appears to tell a rather serious story about an innovator and a leader.

I, for one, will make sure to check out this flick when it debuts. But, I've got to ask: Will YOU make time to see the McLaren film when it comes to your local theater?

Roger Donaldson’s new film McLaren tells the story of Bruce McLaren’s determination to make it to the summit of global motor racing before his name became synonymous with the sport. The film is coming to cinemas soon

TEASED! Bruce McLaren's Story To Find Its Way To The BIG Screen — Will YOU Be Checking This Out When It Hits Theaters?

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