If you weren't paying attention lately, you may have missed this. Mercedes-Benz introduced the E-Class Wagon.

But, that's not all it did.

The three-pointed star also unveiled an all-new model called the All Terrain. Think of as an E-Class that was given the Subaru Forester treatment. That means it has beefed up fenders and is a bit more jacked up than your standard, run-of-the-mill E-Class Wagon.

It seems like Mercedes-AMG may be getting involved though. That's because what appears to be an All Terrain wagon was spotted looking like it had some E43 characteristics. Note the upgraded exhaust tips, fender flares, beefier tires. This has driven speculation that an E43 All Terrain may be on the way.

What say you, Spies?

Wird es eine Mercedes- AMG-Variante der "E-Klasse All Terrain" geben ?

Will there be a Mercedes-AMG version of the "E-Class All Terrain"?

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