Ever since Volvo came out of the gate with the all-new XC90, it's apparent that the Swedish marque has an all-new burst of energy from under its wings. This is welcome because previously there wasn't much to offer.

Sure, the brand had its loyalists but it wasn't doing anything for anyone from a product perspective. There was no juice there.

Geneva Motor Show Preview

Fast forward to present day and the all-new sport-utility vehicle to have is the XC90. In the New York Tri-State these things are popping up everywhere and are just as common as the all-new Audi Q7. Pretty amazing for a small volume manufacturer.

While the follow up act was the S90, the reality is sedans are not doing so well today. What we've really been waiting for is the smaller Volvo SUV, the XC60.

Well, friends, the time has come. Debuting at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show will be the XC60. As of now information is non-existent; however, some teaser shots have made their way online.

Take a peek and let us know what you think, Spies!

Geneva Motor Show Preview

#GIMS2017: TEASED! Volvo Prepares Us For Its NEXT BIG Thing, The XC60

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