For eons it seems like BMW 7-Series buyers have been asking for an M7. Has BMW delivered? Mysteriously, no.

Simply put, it makes no sense as the Mercedes-AMG S63 is tremendously popular and, frankly, M GmbH has broken all of its old rules. So, what's the hold up?

What BMW has finally delivered is what it's calling the M760i. This equates to an all-wheel drive, 600 horsepower V12-powered 7'er. So, what is it like?

Look no further than the U.K.'s Autocar to divulge the details. Below are several excerpts from its review.

...Of course, the performance is epic. Not just the outright accelerative force that tries to wrench your face off, but also the wonderfully progressive nature by which this colossus delivers its surge. Unlike the Alpina B7, which has a noticeable moment of lag, the M760Li is more responsive low down, then builds with controlled aggression all the way to its near-7000rpm limiter...

...Don’t think for a moment it’s boring, though. Switch off the traction control and suddenly you can start hanging the tail out on this two-tonne-plus car with ease. It’s quite bizarre how quickly it shrink-wraps around you, feeling barely any bigger than a 
5 Series as you scythe left and right through the countryside...

...The interior might not look as fanciful as an S 65’s, but it’s still a wonderful place to sit for a twelve-hour drive, either in the front or the rear. We’ve tried the array of gadgets before in other 7 Series models: some work well, some don’t. The iDrive infotainment system is as intuitive as ever, the clarity of its 10.25in display flawless - as is the fidelity of the Bowers & Wilkins stereo, for that matter. Then there are the massage seats, which support you admirably, while giving you an invigorating, full-body pummeling...

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