A while ago Subaru released the XV Impreza which was later renamed as the XV/Crosstrek in most parts around the world. The car is actually just a hatchback Impreza with a higher ground clearance and some exterior upgrades. Even so, it sold quite well for what it is, and because of that they just released an all new model of it. The 2018 Subaru XV has been revealed in Europe, and it seems a much larger upgrade than most thought.

For starters, the car is using Subaru’s newest modular platform which also underpins the new Impreza. This is not only slightly lighter than before but also considerably more rigid and also 50% safer in the case of a crash. The size of the XV didn’t change much over the older car. It still is the same hatchback Impreza with some upgrades.

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2018 Subaru XV - Subaru company unveils an all-new edition to America as a Crosstreck

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