We recently wrote about special Lotus models and British way to strip things that seem “unstripable.” First, we all though that there is not much else to deduct from Exige and British came with 350 model or lightest Exige in history. We hardly had time to comprehend that, and even lighter 380 model arrived. Anybody with any amount of racing blood in its veins will realize how glorious Lotus offer is. Acceleration time is not in the realm of hypercars, but cornering behavior is, and it is yours for a mere fraction of their price. Yes, it is a mere fraction of Pagani’s price, but still, what if £57k ($71k) for 350 model, let alone £68,000 ($82.5k) for 380 is a bit too much, for something that doesn’t have climate control or regular door panels. In that case, 2017 Lotus Elise Sprint might help.

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2017 Lotus Elise Sprint – Cheap path to “special” Lotus

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