Following up on news of McLaren producing an F1 successor, I decided it may be a good time to take a breath and realize how special that F1 was and still is. It just so happens the F1 made news this week due to an unfortunate accident.

Pink Floyd's drummer, Nick Mason, is known for his auto collection. Two vehicles that have gotten quite a bit of spotlight include a Ferrari Enzo — it was said to be as exciting as Mason's book, Inside Out — as well as his McLaren F1. 

While working his way around Goodwood in some sort of demonstration laps, Mason lost control, the car ran aground and directly into a tire wall. Thankfully, Mason hopped out quickly and appeared fine. Unfortunately, it looks like the F1 sustained quite a bit of damage, especially the driver's side rear wheel that looks way off. 

Digging around Google it appears the last F1 sold for around $14 million, so, this is not going to be a cheap fix. Not to mention the F1's notoriously expensive to upgrade and even do simple, routine maintenance.

Rather than chastise Mason though I'd rather say "Good on ya!" Not only has he been wheeling the F1 around tracks for all to see and enjoy, he seems to be a good sport when lending vehicles for Top Gear. Glad he made it out alright.

See the crash below and what I think may be one of the best automotive reviews, ever, featuring Mason's then-intact F1.

Steve Sutcliffe drives the McLaren F1 GTR. 

OUCH! Pink Floyd's Nick Mason Cracks Up His Multi-Million Dollar McLaren F1

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