Back in 2016 word spread that President Trump's all-new ride would debut at the inauguration. Clearly, that didn't happen and we were even a bit surprised to see the President being chauffeured around in President Obama's first-gen Cadillac dubbed "The Beast." Leave it to our friends at General Motors to bungle the job.

But, it is what it is. 

In development, however, is The Beast 2.0. Seen in these latest spy shots, it's clear that the company will bring forward its latest design cues.

Check out its updated front grille and new LED headlights. The overall shape will largely remain the same due to the restrictions imposed by having a super-duper secure automobile. In other words, the greenhouse will remain quite boxy. Check out the thickness of the A-Pillars, roof and B-Pillars. 

While we're fairly confident we won't know the extent of The Beast 2.0's equipment, we're certain that it will be best-in-breed so as to keep the president completely safe in a hairy situation. 

I don't think the Secret Service would be too keen on Cadillac issuing a press release. 

That said, click "Read Article" below to scope out the spy shots. 

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SPIED: The President's BEAST 2.0 Is Likely To TRUMP Any Other Vehicle's Security + Safety Features

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