Tesla has ranked as the most “cool” auto manufacturer amongst teens (13-17) and millennials (18-24), according to a brand study released this week by Google.  The survey also included appraisals of the “coolness” of Audi, BMW, Toyota, Chevy, Ford and Honda, and also Lyft and Uber.  Amongst teens, Tesla barely edged out BMW as the coolest auto brand, but amongst millennials it was one of the coolest brands overall even outside of the automotive realm – with Google, Netflix and Youtube in the lead, and Amazon barely beating Tesla.

While Tesla ranked highest in “coolness,” they also ranked lowest among manufacturers in “awareness.”  So while the teens and millennials who know about Tesla like the brand a lot, there is still plenty of room for them to reach more young people.  This is important to note for any think that Tesla might be reaching market saturation – if only some 60% of millennials have heard of the company, that means there’s still room to grow.

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Why? Teens And Millennials Rank Tesla As The Coolest Automaker

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