Much like other luxury automakers that have their own personalization department, Audi has its own division. Known as Audi Exclusive, the team is always cooking up something interesting.

To be straightforward, I don't recall one time being disappointed with something the Audi Exclusive team turned out.

New York Auto Show

It doesn't appear that's changing here at the 2017 New York Auto Show (NYIAS).

That's because the team from the four rings brought out an all-new R8 with a unique twist. First things first, check out the matte silver paint job. That's no big deal, really. But what takes a bit of taste and sophistication is the bright, gloss red side blade. Oh, and then there's the mirror caps and the brake calipers.

On the inside, note the full leather, two-tone black/red interior. Unlike some other treatments we've seen it's, thankfully, not overkill.

Having said that, I've got to ask: Does this Audi Exclusive R8 get YOUR vote of approval? What say you, Spies?

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New York Auto Show

#NYIAS: RAISE and PRAISE! Do The Audi Exclusive Car Gods Get YOUR Vote Of Approval After Building This UNIQUE R8?

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