One of the most anticipated cars for enthusiast making its first stateside appearance at the 2017 New York Auto Show (NYIAS) was the Honda Civic Type R. That's because pumped up pocket rockets are in.

Just think. Between the likes of the Volkswagen Golf R, Subaru WRX STI and Ford Focus RS there's plenty of room for an all-new entrant. That's where the Civic comes into the mix.

New York Auto Show

But there's a twist.

That's because this 300 horsepower Honda will not benefit from an all-wheel drive setup. Instead, all of that power will be sent exclusively to the front wheels. A bit odd, yes, but perhaps Honda knows something that we don't.

All that said, we want to focus simply on the Civic Type R's styling for this story. What say you, Spies? Is it a bit too overstyled, OR, did Honda's design department get this one right?

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New York Auto Show

#NYIAS: AWESOME or AWFUL? Is The All-New Honda Civic Type R A Bit Too Overstyled In The Flesh?

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