Once the default gift for affluent young women celebrating their Sweet 16, the Mercedes SLC (formerly and likely better known as the SLK) is reaching the end of its life. Speaking to Automobile Magazine about the future of its more sporting offerings, the German automaker said the SLC will "disappear for good from the cycle plan." We can't say we're particularly surprised by this news, considering Benz's quite crowded current lineup of 2-door vehicles and the small roadster's declining relevance in the minds of the motoring public. Be honest, when was the last time you saw or even thought about this car? The SLC's absence does leave Benz wanting for a competitor to BMW's upcoming "ToyoBimmer" Z5. However, considering the abundance of coupe-y platforms Merc already has at its disposal, this could easily be rectified with a tinkered up E-Class Coupe or something.

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Mercedes Abandons SLC Leaving BMW's New Z5 Unchallenged

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