Although I am sure I will get pushback on this, one of the top reasons people buy vehicles is looks. Simply put, there's still a lot of weight put into an automobile as a status symbol.

So, if it looks good, people will be more inclined to put one in their driveway. 

While I know there's been vehicles that are god awful to look at but still sell — case in point: the E60 BMW 5-Series — these are largely anomalies. Some companies just have such amazing brand power that they can essentially sell things that are, well, not so great. 

In the pick up truck world, this also matters. So when Agent 001 found an all-new GMC Sierra Denali parked on the side of the road he decided to roll up in his F-150 Limited just to get a side-by-side shot. 

Turns out he just so happened to do a bit of research for tonight's top story.

That said, we've got to ask: In this FACE OFF who has the HOTTER face? The F-150 or the Sierra Denali?

FACE OFF: Who Has The HOTTER Face? Ford F-150 vs. GMC Sierra Denali?

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