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When is a coupe not a coupe? When it’s a BMW Gran Coupe. Contrary to BMW’s nomenclature that intends to reserve even-numbered series for two-door cars, Gran Coupe models have four doors and a liftback-style trunk out back. So the 4 Series Gran Coupe, for example, is really just a functional sedan. And in fact, it’s out-selling the two-door coupe on which it’s based.

During a product briefing for the updated 4 Series model range, BMW shared some rather interesting sales statistics. Despite arriving after the traditional Coupe and Convertible models, the 4 Series Gran Coupe is now outselling both… combined. On a global scale, the Gran Coupe accounts for 54 percent of all 4 Series sales, while the coupe and convertible together account for the remaining 46 percent.

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The Best-Selling BMW 4 Series 'Coupe' Is Actually A Sedan...

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